Tourism Publications

What Lures and Tours has done is create more than an advertising directory.
This is a fishing tourism promotion company . . . that gets it!

Peter Wood, Ripple Outdoors

The Canadian Ice Fishing Championships have never been on more stable footings
since the recent acquisition by the folks at “Lures and Tours”. I look forward to
another GREAT EVENT this year!

Jack Summers, Radioworld

Various layouts used for magazines, travel guides, tourism publications. Client ads, cover designs and content commissions.

The entire Lures & Tours 2013-2014 Ontario Directory was a 128 page booklet that was made possible from two decades in commercial layout, ad design and content editing for clients such as Eli Lilly, Glaxo, Arrow Furniture, AMP Canada, Robin Hood Multifoods, . . .

Download the complete directory as a PDF. This is a 6 MB file. It is not recommended to open it online. Use your browser’s “save as” feature and open it from your own computer.

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