Support local community radio – Appeal deadline Feb. 29/2016

Keep independent radio programming alive for our communities!

Hi to my connections of any persuasion (fishing, tourism, power sports, musicians, artists, techies). Since 2007 I’ve been part of creating unique shows that are heard around the world and yet humbly produced from Jackson’s Point, Ontario. We have had a home at Stouffville’s community station from the start, but their station is facing the end if they can’t get approval for a new frequency. VERY SOON – Deadline to submit an appeal is Monday, Feb. 29.

They (Whistle Radio, Stouffville) do all the right things a community station should be doing, supporting local news, sports, talent, etc. that would be ignored by the for profit media groups. Our show “Asylum for Your Soul” would be off the air after 10 amazing years if Whistle loses its appeal. Think about what happens when communities anywhere lose their home grown content.

My “ASK” is if you will help us in showing how valuable Whistle Radio is, in your own words, however brief, commenting about the station, and our show, letting them know what they mean to you. The submission process shouldn’t take more than 1 or 2 minutes out of your time. About half of the information fields can be skipped. To repeat – Deadline to submit an appeal is Monday, Feb. 29.

Appeal to CRTC for Whistle Radio
Thank you sincerely for your consideration.

Charlie Ross, recording editor of Asylum for Your Soul, produced by Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc.

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