FJ Mirror Replacement

Images for FJ1100, replacing OEM mirrors with Suzuki GSXR/SV650 mirrors from EMGO.

The advice to swap the bases, left for right was followed. Two caveats:
1) The EMGO bolts of the base to arm swivel can be a bear to loosen and turn out, possibly rounding the heads. I could see on one that there is a compound applied to the threads (thread locker I assume).
I needed a bench vise and some torch heat to get them to come loose.
2) The left for right swap puts the bolts “upside down” so the threaded end is up top. Try to preserve or find caps to seal the exposed threads from weather. These bolts will rust.
The 4 mounting bolts I selected for the base to the fairing are stainless cap head. The nuts on the inside are stainless Nylock.

On the inside of the fairing I have thick straps of over-sized steel instead of depending on a few washers. Doing it this way, you’ll need to drop the fairing to mount the bases. I could only see disadvantages to placing the mounts in line with the windscreen and using one of those holes as a headstart.

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Catch A Dream 2017

On Sunday, June 11, volunteer boaters came together for another annual day of fishing with the young people assisted by Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Make A Wish Foundation.
These events have been a success since their start in 2005, and if I dig, I can probably come up with my photos taken as far back as 2007.
It was a real pleasure to return after several years’ absence to lend a hand with capturing the moments. Recognition is due to the chief organizers David Chong, Jeff English and Stanley Joshuasingh, along with the crews handling the boat ramp, refreshments and the tables and tables of prizes.


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Figures in Metal

blog_dancer_rightIt’s the internet. How many people are actually going to see this, or care? However I have been criticized, cajoled and even punched in the arm (all by good artists) for not sharing more about my metal sculptures. So here goes.

It has been quite a while since I made anything of this nature and I don’t presently live where I have the facilities to do this kind of work, but here are two of my favourites. If you don’t ‘get it’, that’s fine. We can talk bikes or bands instead.

The horse sculpture “Running Wild” is an image that popped into my head and wouldn’t go away. Running from a barn fire? Running for freedom? Not sure then or now but I had to learn how to use an oxy-acetylene torch to make it real.

It was a pretty loose concept that came together as I went along, learning what could be done with the newly adapted methods of brazing and welding. Up to then I had been held back to soldering, which is very weak by comparison and only applies to copper and its alloys.

Now I was able to manipulate steel sheet and rod into something more durable, but still maintain the appearance of copper based finishes that appeal to me more than anything else. This was my first effort at this method and with a concept inspired by a living subject. Up this point I was making geometric two dimensional shapes into abstract objects and wall hangings.


A few years later I was looking to do something special for a special someone. Again it was a matter of a snapshot in my head but this concept was more solidified since it came from a frozen moment one evening. But I’d never done a human form before. Gathering up an amalgamation of poses that I scoured from magazines (it would be another ten years before the internet, sonny), I was able to get the visuals I needed for the hair toss, the hand on the hip, the raised leg. Key points in my memory that needed to be reproduced to make it genuine.

I think attempting a face would have not done justice to the work or the person, (I would have botched it) so I left it blank. I am also one of those ‘less is more’ kind of artists. I came to appreciate that this dancer could then be young, old, black, white, joyful, deep in thought; what ever the viewer could see in it for themselves. The full sculpture is approximately 12″ (30 cm) high; copper foil, steel and bronze, mounted on an acrylic base.

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Support local community radio – Appeal deadline Feb. 29/2016

Keep independent radio programming alive for our communities!

Hi to my connections of any persuasion (fishing, tourism, power sports, musicians, artists, techies). Since 2007 I’ve been part of creating unique shows that are heard around the world and yet humbly produced from Jackson’s Point, Ontario. We have had a home at Stouffville’s community station from the start, but their station is facing the end if they can’t get approval for a new frequency. VERY SOON – Deadline to submit an appeal is Monday, Feb. 29.

They (Whistle Radio, Stouffville) do all the right things a community station should be doing, supporting local news, sports, talent, etc. that would be ignored by the for profit media groups. Our show “Asylum for Your Soul” would be off the air after 10 amazing years if Whistle loses its appeal. Think about what happens when communities anywhere lose their home grown content.

My “ASK” is if you will help us in showing how valuable Whistle Radio is, in your own words, however brief, commenting about the station, and our show, letting them know what they mean to you. The submission process shouldn’t take more than 1 or 2 minutes out of your time. About half of the information fields can be skipped. To repeat – Deadline to submit an appeal is Monday, Feb. 29.

Appeal to CRTC for Whistle Radio
Thank you sincerely for your consideration.

Charlie Ross, recording editor of Asylum for Your Soul, produced by Soul Asylum Poetry and Publishing Inc.

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Large Format; Show banners & signs

Layouts for large scale rigid signs and roll up vinyl banners.
Sizes in these examples range from 4 x 5 feet to 10 x 4 feet.
They are being used at show booths, concerts and sporting events.
Other supporting materials such as website graphics, show cards, posters and brochures are designed at the same time and sent to the most competitive printers for each format.

Show-banner-sunset Dawn_of_Correction_8foot 2012-Baseball-banner Sportsmans_show_booth LT-marina_installation 2012-Baseball-sponsor-board

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Equipment operations video

Poyntz_first_frameThese videos were produced for 2 Canadian companies that design and manufacture sod harvesting equipment. Typically they are taped on location with voice overs later re-scripted and recorded in studio. If wind presents a sound problem outdoors, previously recorded machinery sounds are inserted at the time of editing in studio. When you update your products, often the majority of a production can be re-used with the new features segments inserted and the narration adapted to the new story line

Video thumbnails offered by YouTube after this video clip are not related to this portfolio.

Video labelBelow is video from another project  produced for distribution at trade shows.
-Field camera work
-Voice over recording
-Graphic and title overlays
-Royalty free background music
-DVD authoring and duplication



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Environmental and Natural Science

This gallery contains 1 photo.

A selection of projects designed for public awareness about stewardship of our natural resources.  

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Healthcare & Technology

This gallery contains 5 photos.

  Healthcare publications and packaging, from hand fabricated mock ups to pre-press for the full production run. Tabs, plain or laminated pages and covers, foldouts, bindery and drop shipping.                       … Continue reading

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Motorcycle riding

Motorcycle rider –

Actually leaving for a stakeholder meeting in Buckhorn before the crowds choke up the roads out of town.

Actually leaving for a stakeholder meeting in Buckhorn before the crowds choke up the roads out of town.

Now riding a 1984 Yamaha FJ1100. Comfy, looks good for its age, decent fuel economy, seriously hauls the mail at times and generally easy to handle. Preferred riding: 6+ hours putting on the miles anywhere in Ontario’s cottage country.

My sanity saver. You never see a motorcycle in the parking lot of a psychiatrist’s office.

Paddling – not so much since I got into motorcycles but for years it has provided the same escape; bringing the mind into focus to constantly manage the task at hand, eliminating thoughts of anything else. Both activities are great therapy.

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Gravenhurst Boat Show – Annual Treasures

The first time I visited the Antique and Classic Boat Show turned in to another one of those “what a coincidence” episodes that seem to crop up in my life most frequently.

I was taking my time shuffling with the crowds of people trying to cross paths on the narrow wooden docks. You have to keep your balance and be aware of people milling about, or risk being accidentally bumped into the water. Don’t let that thought keep you away. I never actually saw it happen.

It was enough for me to admire the curves and lines of these magnificent water craft that I forgot to take pictures for the first quarter hour. When I thought I should get cracking, I knelt down low to get a good perspective on the beautiful deck of the boat directly in front of me. It was the first and is still my favourite shot of the few I took that day.

Several months later I was chatting with my neighbour in Sutton and in the course of mentioning what I’d been up to, the Gravenhurst Boat Show came up. My neighbour casually told me that her son had entered a boat or two and done very well, taking a blue ribbon. I retrieved the photo album and presented the collection of 5 x 7 prints, pointing out my favourite, the 1932 Minett Shields “Utopia”.

“Yes. That’s the one,” she said. I was talking with Dorothy Walker, the mother of Murray Walker, owner of an impressive collection of restored boats that grace Muskoka’s waters. I never knew. Since then I never forgot.

"Utopia" - 1932 Minett Shields at Gravenhurst Boat Show.

“Utopia” – 1932 Minett Shields at Gravenhurst Boat Show.

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